I was asked to create a tutorial on the RW Forum, so I did...

Two RapidFLV pages are imported below using PlusKit. and are displayed below. Note that each is a different size and have different options.

RapidFLV’s default ID is “rapidflv_flashvideo” and this will cause problems because of Rule #1 - HTML IDs must be unique on any one page. This is not an issue with RapidFLV, but a website design rule that we all must follow.

Fortunately, Ralf Niedling, the author of RapidFLV, has given us the ability to modify the HTML ID. Simply change the HTML IDs to “rapidflv_flashvideo1” & “rapidflv_flashvideo2” in the Settings / General tab.

This works fine, but may cause another little problem. The CSS setup in RapidFLV is still looking for “rapidflv_flashvideo” which does not exist anymore. Ralf also gave us the ability to make changes to the CSS, so just change each RapidFLV CSS setting accordingly.

One more little issue... you can get all the video clips running at the same time. Don’t do that! Actually, I’m sure I’ve seen some javascript to toggle the players (perhaps at the JW MediaPlayer site). I’m not sure where it can be inserted in RapidFLV at this time.

Show RapidFVL 1 Page [the code used is @ Import (( RapidFLV 1 )) - spaces added]
RapidFLV 1 header
You need a Flash-Player Plugin to view the Video.

Show RapidFLV 2 Page [the code used is @ Import (( RapidFLV 2 )) - spaces added]
RapidFLV 2 header
You need a Flash-Player Plugin to view the Video.